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Keyvan Shafiee CEO

Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment, until it becomes a memory

We can make your moments, a beautiful memory

KEYVAN production company is solely responsible for providing services for producing  projects from its initial creative concept to its completion for the end consume

KEYVAN Production is a Multimedia Company located in Olten, Switzerland.

KEYVAN Production focuses on an end product that will engage the target audience, driving new business for the end client. 

To connect a brand or business to a target audience is the final goal and takes an experienced team. An initial project development meeting is held with the end client and the creative director of the media production company. This ensures that all the details of a project will be organised  reviewed, and brainstormed for the project starts.

Music Studio

Technology is constantly advancing now more than ever. This contributes to digital production gear and platforms constantly advancing. What may have been the trend in production last year may be outdated now.  Production houses must stay up to date and provide clients with the most cutting edge production to stay competitive. This includes knowing what is the newest trends in media technology and consumer trends.

Producers and studios need constantly stay updated on production equipment, the new digital platforms, and the upcoming trends the consumer will use in the future. Being future proof and anticipating the next trend in media is what keeps a production house competitive and growing. A production studio that does not evolve or adjust to the industry slowly becomes irrelevant and dies.